Since Mia Dyson emerged from Melbourne, Australia’s music scene, Dyson split up with her long-term partner, went broke had her band split up, and her management tried to change her name and sell her out to the biggest reality shows they could find. That difficult period wound up influencing what may be Dyson’s most personal, revealing album, The Moment, an album that has been critically praised in her native Australia. The album will see a Stateside release on April 23rd, and Dyson will be touring to support her latest effort – and it’ll include a May 7th set at the intimate Rockwood Music Hall

“Fill Yourself” is one of the singles off the album, and although the video is a relatively simple concept: the band plays,  in the tiny, sweatbox of the Empress Hotel, one of the first venues Dyson played. But despite the simple video treatment, the song actually is about something much larger and just as universal – trying to reach another through love.

There are several things about this track that I love. Dyson has a voice that reminds me a little bit of a smokier, sultrier Bonnie Raitt – think about Raitt’s vocals on “Something to Talk About.” And her backing band, plays a sweaty, old time 12 bar blues.