Since the 2012 release of their debut effort, Urn, the New Orleans-based Mike Dillon Band have had a relentless touring schedule, essentially living out of a van; however, the band has won over quite a number of fans for an energetic live show, and for a sound that mixes punk rock, psychobilly and jazz in a way that’s gloriously, fantastically weird. 

So it shouldn’t be surprising that the band’s forthcoming sophomore effort, would be titled, Band of Outsiders. “All Walks of Life” is the first single from  the album begins as a cool bit of swaggering, swinging New Orleans-inspired jazz with an incredibly cool vibraphone solo, bolstered by regal blasts of trombone. Add Mike Dillion singing in a husky baritone about the types of life found by the ocean, before the song turns into a punk rock freakout, and you have a jazz song that adds a much- needed sense of danger and unpredictability to the genre.