Singer/songwriter and composer Alejandro Meola has been making music between two continents since 2007, releasing 2 EPs and 2 full-length efforts before the release of his first two Stateside singles “Please” and “Black Feathered Angels” last year. His Stateside debut effort, First Impressions slated for worldwide release on July 15 is inspired by Meola’s move from Buenos Aires to NYC. As Meola explains in press notes, “I could have called it First Impressions of New York easily…. It’s essentially the musical expression of this inner revolution I’ve experienced in the past couple of years since I first moved to New York from Buenos Aires. The people, the streets, the language, the bars, the food, the fashion, they are all imprinted in these new songs. Not mentioned once literarily in the lyrics but in the sound.  The sound is different. And by different I mean new.”

Reportedly, Meola’s forthcoming album is an aesthetic departure from his pervious work as the album is comprised of five different episodes, with each episode being different yet connected by an overall sound, feel and tone. And it’s the first album that features (and institutionalizes) his backing band, Robinsones which, gets their name from a passage in Hector Oesterheld’s El Eternauta and is a Castilian slang reference to the famed literary character, Robinson Crusoe. Interestingly, Meola envisions the band as a ever-changing concept comprising of various collaborators.

“Purple,” the first single off First Impressions is a catchy hook-laden, arena-friendly  bit of jangling guitar pop that sounds as though it takes a cue from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers an other classic rock, as the song reveals itself to be finely crated – hooks like that don’t come easily – and yet, deeply introspective, as it captures the awe, wonder, confusion and excitement of a stranger in a foreign land. You practically want to check out everything, meet everyone and be a part of everything,