Desert Call from Holly Miranda on Myspace.

So not only is MySpace still around, they developed a program by the name of Music Video Collaborations With Artists We Like, and the program  is designed to empower artists by backing them with the resources to produce new creative content. The video for the Detroit, MI-based singer/songwriter Holly Miranda’s latest single “Desert Call” recently premiered through MySpace, and the video follows Miranda to the Integratron in Landers, CA, a sonically perfect space originally built for time travel in the 50’s. Holly and friends receive a sound bath that sends her into a dreamy astral projection through the Joshua Tree desert. This is followed by time-lapsed shots of Miranda underwater and some gorgeous night sky shots. 

Miranda has a gorgeous, haunting voice that fits a sparsely arranged, hushed song which makes a subtle nod towards the soul ballads of the 1960s.