Some time ago, the folks at the Nashville, TN-based soul label, G.E.D Soul Records released a compilation of Christmas originals featuring several of their most known and beloved acts including DeRobert and the Half-Truths, The Coolin’ System, Magic in Threes, AJ and the Jiggawatts and others that they called G.E.D Super Soul Christmas

A.J and the Jiggawatts’ contribution to the compilation, “Sun Don’t Shine (Around Christmastime)” and the song’s narrator describes the awful sensation of having your heart broken and alone during Christmas and how the narrator can’t even bother with the pretense of the holiday. And that kind of heartache manages to reverberate – even after the narrator has seemingly moved on. Sonically, the song is a little bit of a departure for the band as the song is a smoldering ballad with an underlying bitterness and hurt; of the sort that could only happen and reoccur during the holidays.