Sony/Columbia Records will be releasing the Vaccines’ forthcoming EP Melody Calling on August 13th. Recorded back in March, the album was produced by John Hill, who has worked with Rihanna, M.I.A. and Santigold and Rich Costey, who’s worked with Muse, Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys. And if that isn’t enough to convince you that you’ll probably be hearing more about the British quartet – well, they’re touring with Mumford and Sons across North America for 12 shows before joining some French band, by the name of uhmm Phoenix, I think they’re called. 

So in anticipation of the EP, the band enlisted their producers to remix album single “Do You Want a Man?” And their remix brings the song back to the psychedelic Beatles – to me, it sounds as though it could have easily been a song from the Sgt. Pepper sessions.