Spanish indie rock band Parlement initially began as a solo recording project of founding member and primary singer/songwriter Stefan Robert. The act slowly expanded when Robert began recording with producer and bassist Raul Parra. Flagon Ferer (drums) and Javi Buneo (guitar), who were both members of Alerta Roja and Exotic Zoo were recruited to flesh out the band’s sound. Their first single “Blood” received quite a bit of attention and drew comparisons to the The Breeders and Galaxie 500

The Spanish quartet’s latest single “Legend” channels the fuzzy, power chord-based sound of (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, Be Here Now and The Masterplan-era Oasis, early Blur, and A Northern Soul-era The Verve, complete with a blistering feedback tinged guitar solo. It sounds warmly familiar without mimicking the period too greatly; in fact, it puts a subtle contemporary nod to it.