Superhuman Happiness’s long-anticipated debut full-length effort, Hands was released to critical praise earlier this year – and there are several reasons why: the album manages to capture the energy of the band’s live set and perhaps more importantly, the material captures a sound that simply doesn’t sound like anything that’s been released this year – or in the last three or four years. On the album, their sound manages to deftly blur the lines between Afrobeat, funk, 80s pop, hip-hop and others in a way that makes the songs on their album sound both refreshingly new and yet warmly familiar. 

Many of the songs on the album, I had heard in different iterations during a number of live sets – one of them, “Second Heart,” is the latest single and video off the Brooklyn-based band’s exceptional full-length effort. And the song manages to combine elements of avant garde jazz and hip hop. 

The official video, directed by Tatiana McCabe, who actually is credited with coming up with the band’s name, uses some colorful and surreal animation, and it’s honestly quite fitting.