Sylvia Black has gained international attention as the vocalist of New York-based electro pop outfit KUDU, and her collaborations with the Black-Eyed Peas, Moby, William Orbit, Kelis, Spank Rock (who you should catch live if you want to be reminded of the decadent fun of the 2 Live Crew), the Knocks, Telepopmusik, and others. Performing as her alter ego, Betty Black, Sylvia Black’s sound as a solo artist manages to mesh garage rock, Southern gothic blues, spaghetti Western soundtracks, and atmospheric electronics while lyrically her songs explore love, lust and longing in such a fashion that feels unsettling and anxious. 

“Fatality of Love” is Black’s latest single, and the first single off the Fatality of Love Remix EP which will be released on November 26th through KID Recordings. And the song sounds as though it owes a debt to the heartbroken/can’t live without you girl-ground songs of the 60s, sultry jazz ballads and eerily, atmospheric electronics. In some way, sonically it sounds vaguely and hauntingly familiar – and yet kind of alien and unusual. Lyrically, the narrator of the song rejects a lover before he could possibly betray her. Still the song manages to be incredibly sexy.