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http://www.audiomack.com/embed2/the-audible-doctor/complex-individuals?btn=ff8a00&bg=34342e&bbg=121212&vbg=4d4b42&vol=ff8a00&dbg=ff8a00 DJ Element, one of the members of the great Brown Bag AllStars crew, is releasing his debut effort as a producer, Reality, Kings & Reason today. “Complex Individuals” is the first single from Element’s debut, […]

http://www.audiomack.com/embed2/the-audible-doctor/tuna-fish-rap?btn=ff8a00&bg=34342e&bbg=121212&vbg=4d4b42&vol=ff8a00&dbg=ff8a00 Maticulous and the Audible Doctor, of the incredibly prolific Brown Bag AllStars collaborate together as Audimatic. “Tuna Fish Rap” is the talented duo’s latest single, and it has a cool, soulful beat that reminds […]