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New Video: The Mischievous and Surreal Visuals for Sigrid’s Club Banging, New Single “Strangers”

Sigrid is a 21 year-old, Ålesund, Norway-born, Bergen, Norway-based pop artist, who with the release of her acclaimed debut EP Don’t Kill My Vibe earlier this year, has quickly become an international pop sensation — her EP has amassed more than 100 million streams globally, and as a result she’s played a number of major festivals, including Glastonbury, Latitude, SXSW, Life is Beauriful, Lollapalooza and Pitchfork Paris. Adding to a growing profile, the Norwegian pop artist was chosen as Apple’s Up Next Artist.

The Norwegian pop sensation ends 2017 with the Martin Sjolie-produced single “Strangers” and the track pairs a slick, club-banging yet radio-friendly production featuring layers upon layers of arpeggiated synths,  tweeter and woofer-rocking beats and a soaring hook, paired with Sigrid’s gossamer vocals. Lyrically, the song looks at a a relationship and its inevitable end with a stark and startlingly mature honesty, as the song’s narrator recognizes that love in real life, is never like the movies — that it can be fumbling, awkward and ambivalent, leaving you with more unanswered questions than you ever expected; and that worst yet, despite the connection you may have had with that person, once that relationship is over, you’ve become strangers, much like when you first met that person.

Directed by Ivana Bobic, the recently released video follows the young Norwegian pop artist as she performs the song on a stark yet surrealist set, which spirals and reforms with completely different and strange scenery throughout the video. As Sigrid explained to i-D about the video.”It was a joy making it. We wanted to take the feeling of seeing differently to what they really are. The one thing that is realistic is me dancing around in my usual way.”


New Video: The Bittersweet and Contemplative Sounds of Norwegian, Synth Pop Trio Chain Wallet

Comprised of Stian Iversen, Christian Line and Frode Boris, the Bergen, Norway-based electro pop trio Chain Wallet specialize in a shimmering, reverb-heavy and deeply 80s inspired synth pop tinged with bittersweet nostalgia, and the trio’s full-length, self-titled effort, which was released by renowned Oslo, Norway-based label Jansen Platerproduksjon thematically explores themes of betrayal, idleness and crushed dreams against the backdrop of an existential breakdown. And while loosely portraying different aspects of the quarter-life crisis, the album reportedly manages to capture the almost universal feeling of creeping unease and uncertainty of our time, as you’ll hear on the hauntingly moody and shimmering single “Faded Fight.”

The recently released video for the song captures a group of 20 somethings goofing off in bars an house parties with a youthful, exuberant urgency — but underneath that exuberance are a bunch of awkward, uncertain and dysfunctional adults, who have to recognize that no one ever really has it together; that people generally pretend to have their shit together until life inevitably breaks their hearts.