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New Video: Florence, Italy’s Lazy Lazarus Shares Dreamy “Fame Fatale”

Lazy Lazarus is a Florence, Italy-based singer/songwriter and musician. After stints in a number of bands that started when he was 14, the Italian artist stepped out into the limelight as a solo artist.

Interestingly, as a songwriter, the Italian artist sees himself as a fisherman, trying to catch ideas, sensations and feelings from the endless ocean of life, and only when he catches them, does he proceed to shape them into songs.

The Florence-based artist’s latest single “Fame Fatale” is a slow-burning and woozy bit of crafted psychedelia that brings Tame Impala and Sgt. Pepper-era Beatles to mind but paired with blown out beats and rumbling low end.

Directed by Lorenzo Torricelli, the accompanying, cinematically shot video for “Fame Fatale” follows the Florence-based artist through some hallucinogenic and dream-like sequences.