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New Video: DVTR Shares a Furious and Incisive Ripper

Deriving their name as an acronym for the French phrase “D’où vient ton riz?” (Where does your rice come from?), Montréal-based duo DVTR is a new collaborative project featuring two of the city’s most highly acclaimed artists:

  • Laurence G-Do, the frontwoman of Le Couleur, an act that has toured internationally several times, and has opened for Giorgio MoroderPolo & Pan and others, while amassing over 18 million streams across digital streaming platforms. 
  • JC Tellier, who has played with Gazoline, an act that has received multiple ADISQ and GAMIQ award nominations. Tellier has also played with KandleXavier CaféineGab Bouchard and a lengthy list of others. 

Last week, I wrote about the duo’s debut single “DVTR,” a breakneck, blistering and incisive ripper built around scorching riffage, a relentless motorik-like groove, a shouted mantra-like chorus and mosh pit friendly hooks paired with G-Do’s feral shouts. The result is a song that kind of sounds like a wild yet seamless synthesis of Wild Planet-era The B-52s and La Femme’s “Foutre le bordel.

The Canadian duo’s second and latest single “Vasectomia” is another breakneck ripper built around scorching guitar riffage, G-Do’s shouted vocals and a relentless groove paired with the duo’s penchant for wildly catchy hooks, anthemic choruses. But underneath the attention to slick craftsmanship, is furious and incisive criticism of the modern condition, delivered with zero fucks given. With the song, it feels as though G-Do would shout “fuck you!” to every man she passes by while suggesting that if men don’t want unwanted pregnancies or truly concerned about overpopulation that maybe they should get a vasectomy.

The accompanying video is set in a hospital room from hell and features the band’s G-Do in a medical gown and in stirrups, happily eating out of a carton of ice cream while her bandmate, playing the role of demented doctor works on her, occasionally taking breaks to sing his parts in the song.