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New Video: The Moody and Psychedelic-Leaning Visuals for Halycine’s “Elixir”

Arguably best known as a member of locally renowned indie rock act Blue and Gold, former co-frontperson Chloe Raynes started a her own band Halycine. which features her former bandmate GG Gonzalez (drums) and Derek Cabrera (bass) and released the project’s debut EP In The Salt earlier this year. The EP’s first single “Elixir” is shimmering and swooning 80s New Wave and post-punk-leaning guitar pop song set around an anthemic hook and Raynes’ superstar pop belter vocals earnest singing lyrics based on a devastating heartbreak. And like most breakup-related songs, “Elixir” focuses on the desperate longing for someone and something that can’t ever happen again; the gnawing sense that time is quickly passing and you’re getting older — and how everything seems increasingly messy and difficult; but there’s also a bittersweet recognition that as much as your heart may ache, life finds a way of pushing you forward, even when you don’t have a clue how.

Directed by the singer/songwriter herself, the recently released video features Raynes rocking out hard by herself in a rehearsal room or a studio with rapid fire cuts towards ocean waves hitting the beach, graffiti, a cloudy sky sequence, followed by rain hitting a puddle, footage of an elevated train or commuter line passing through a wooded area — and while mildly psychedelic, the video also possesses an intimacy which further cements the song’s earnestness.

Perhaps best known as a member of New York-based indie rock act Blue and Gold, singer/songwriter and guitarist Chloe Raynes is set to embark on a solo career with her latest indie rock recording project, Halycine. And as Halycine, Raynes recorded her soon-to-be released debut EP In The Salt, which features GG Gonzalez (drums) and Derek Cabrera (bass) and was recorded at The End Studios in Brooklyn.

The EP’s latest single “Elixir” is a shimmering and swooning bit of 80s New Wave and post-punk-leaning guitar pop, complete with an anthemic hooks, a propulsive rhythm section and earnestly sung lyrics based around a devastating breakup, focusing on both the desperate longing for someone, the sense that time is quickly passing and that as you get older, it all gets more difficult and frustrating — and in a way the song possesses a bitter recognition of “well, what next” and “how do I move forward?” along with the idea that there’s always three sides to every side of a story: yours, mine and the truth.