New Audio: Introducing the Anthemic and Shimmering Guitar Pop Sound of New York-based Indie Rock Project Halycine

Perhaps best known as a member of New York-based indie rock act Blue and Gold, singer/songwriter and guitarist Chloe Raynes is set to embark on a solo career with her latest indie rock recording project, Halycine. And as Halycine, Raynes recorded her soon-to-be released debut EP In The Salt, which features GG Gonzalez (drums) and Derek Cabrera (bass) and was recorded at The End Studios in Brooklyn.

The EP’s latest single “Elixir” is a shimmering and swooning bit of 80s New Wave and post-punk-leaning guitar pop, complete with an anthemic hooks, a propulsive rhythm section and earnestly sung lyrics based around a devastating breakup, focusing on both the desperate longing for someone, the sense that time is quickly passing and that as you get older, it all gets more difficult and frustrating — and in a way the song possesses a bitter recognition of “well, what next” and “how do I move forward?” along with the idea that there’s always three sides to every side of a story: yours, mine and the truth.