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Captain Casanova, is an Aarhus, Denmark-based indie rock trio, who have developed a reputation across Scandinavia, Northern Europe and Central Europe for a busy touring schedule with some of each region’s up-and-coming bands — and for a sound that clearly draws influence from 90s grunge rock and Brit Pop as you’ll hear on the band’s anthemic, mosh pit friendly, barn burning single “Futures.” Interestingly, along with bands like Love Talk, Pacific Swell and John Alcabean, Captain Casanova have helped to establish a burgeoning Danish indie rock scene that’s seeing international attention across Europe and the UK.


New Video: Introducing the Dark Surfer Punk of Denmark’s Pacific Swell

Comprised of Nicklas Sørensen, Emil Østedgaard, Adam Peleg and Daniel Brodersen, Pacific Swell is a Grenaa, Denmark-based indie rock quartet Pacific Swell convenes somewhat infrequently as its members spend most of their time in Klitmoeller, known as Cold Hawaii — […]