New Video: Introducing the Dark Surfer Punk of Denmark’s Pacific Swell

Comprised of Nicklas Sørensen, Emil Østedgaard, Adam Peleg and Daniel Brodersen, Pacific Swell is a Grenaa, Denmark-based indie rock quartet Pacific Swell convenes somewhat infrequently as its members spend most of their time in Klitmoeller, known as Cold Hawaii — and the rest of the time, half the band’s members are traveling around the world. Additionally, not only does the band wind up with limited time to play live or record material, they actually don’t own enough equipment to actually play live or record stuff. However, when everyone is available, the band has developed a reputation for relentless experimentation, frequently mixing styles and sounds and changing sonic direction while retaining some of the elements that helped them win attention in their homeland.

As the story goes, Tin Can Telescope‘s Sejer Fangel, a good friend of the band, talked the band into visiting Aarhus, Denmark‘s Tapetown Studios to record a live single, like his band did last year and the result is the noisy and stormy, surf punk single “Clean Gypsies,” and like Love Talk‘s Tapetown single “Fire,” the Grenaa, Denmark-based quartet’s latest single possesses a “you-are-here” with the band immediacy. Of course, after the recording, the band recorded a video, which was shot and edited within a day — and in this case, the members of the band are dressed up as sugar skull/Day of the Dead-like mariachis performing the song in a hellish studio. Whoa.