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New Video: KUNZITE Follows the Girlswirl Crew in Venice Beach for Summery Visual for “FROSTY”

KUNZITE — RATATTAT’s Mike Stroud and Hawaii and Oregon-based Agustin White — can trace their origins to the fact that the individual members’ various movements have found them occasionally crossing each other paths yet consistently admiring each other’s work: While stroud was busy touring with RATATAT, White went on a spiritual journey exploring yoga, meditation and psychedelics. But throughout their friendship the duo were looking to do something together. Interestingly, the formation of KUNTIZE allowed Stroud and White the ability to merge their minds and missions with a sound that blends psychedelia with beat-heavy electronic production and live instrumentation.

The duo’s debut effort, 2018’s Birds Don’t Fly was written and recorded mostly through email. But their forthcoming sophomore album VISUALS, which will be released through Lowly/Wilder Records reportedly finds the duo writing and recording material together — in the same space. Throughout the recording process, the duo came to realize that their best vocals are when their voices from together in the atmosphere and meet in harmony. So far, the duo have released two singles from their forthcoming sophomore album — “SATURN” AND “NOVAS” but the album’s third and latest single “FROSTY” sees the duo changing things up a bit, with Stroud taking up lead vocal duties on a feel good, summery jam centered around a trippy and cosmic groove featuring an easy-going bass line, shimmering synths and Stroud’s laid back vocals.

Directed by Priest Fontaine Batten, the recently released video for “FROSTY” was filmed in sunny and beautiful Venice Beach, CA and features the all-female identifying surfing and skating crew GIRLSWIRL boldly doing their thing as the confident, give no fucks badasses that they are. “It’s about grabbing your board or wheels and just having fun,” KUNZITE’s Agustin White says in press notes. “All of the athletes featured in the video were super supportive and encouraging of one another. You see their different skills on display throughout the video, including roller skaters, who have made such a big comeback over the last few years, for Black Culture, it’s always been there. The roots of roller skating lie within the Black community and we wanted to honor that.”