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New Video: JOVM Mainstays Pleasure Motel Releases a Sensual Visual for Thumping and Propulsive New Single

Dave Tudi is a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, who has been the creative mastermind behind a number of musical projects I’ve written about throughout the course of this site’s nine-plus year history. His latest project, Pleasure Motel is a minimalist synth pop project with a sleazy and menacing, industrial-leaning sound that recalls Ministry, early Nine Inch Nails and Suicide. 

Tudi’s latest Pleasure Motel single “Love Songs” continues a run of minimalist and propulsive tracks centered around arpeggiated synths, relentlessly thumping beats, an infectious hook and mantra-like lyrics delivered with an icy and ironic detachment. Unlike his previous released Pleasure Motel work, “Love Songs” may arguably be among the sleaziest and most debauched songs of his growing catalog. And if doesn’t stir lust deep in your loins and in the reptile brain, there’s something wrong with you. 

The recently released video is split between sensual, black and white stock footage of young couples making out and hooking up, and sleazy red-filtered footage of a sunglasses wearing Tudi singing the song’s lyrics. The visual manages to continue the project’s DIY ethos  — cheap, fast, sleazy.  

New Video: Introducing the Dark and Seductive Sounds and Visuals of Pleasure Motel

Brooklyn-based artist Dave Tudi has been the creative mastermind of a number of projects I’ve written about over the past few years and his latest project Pleasure Motel’s specializes in an industrial electro pop sound that nods at 80s goth, industrial and New Wave as Tudi pairs crooned vocals with propulsive, 808-like drum beats and cascading analog synths say you’ll hear on Pleasure Motel’s dark and seductive debut single “Skin So Close.”

The recently released music video employs the use of low-fi, classic special effects shot on what appears to be VHS tape, spliced with suggestive photos suggesting kinky, BDSM and late, sweaty, illicit hook ups, emphasizing the song’s sleazy nature.