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New Video: Introducing the Singular Sound and Vision of Britsh-Nigerian Electronic Music Producer and Artist Tony Njoku

Tony Njoku is a 20-something London-based British-Nigerian electronic music producer, electronic music artist and singer/songwriter whose formative years were split between Lagos and London — and unsurprisingly, his experiences as a globetrotting, international citizen have frequently inspired his material. With the release of his full-length debut Drifting Off In A Care Powered Balloon, Njoku quickly developed a reputation for crafting material that’s been described by some media outlets as “strikingly evocative soundscapes, managing to make even the shortest pop songs sound like epic adventures.”

Njoku’s sophomore effort H.P.A.C. was released earlier this year, and with the album’s latest single “As We Danced” will further cement the British-Nigerian singer/songwriter, electronic music producer and electronic music artist’s reputation for crafting forward-looking electronic music that manages to be challenging yet hook-driven and accessible; in fact, “As We Danced” is centered around a futuristic production featuring layers of shimmering and arpeggiated synths that morph and twist at will, fluttering electronics and Njoku’s tender vocals ethereally floating over the mix, revealing an artist with a singular vision, unlike any other contemporary electronic music artist out there.

Directed by Max Jedwab, the recently released video features Njoku being tugged and pulled in different directions with a rope that’s attached to him — it’s a surrealist vision that emphasizes the tense and anxious nature of the song.