Tag: Video Review: DAISIESFIELDS Odila

New Video: French Act DAISIESFIELDS Release a Trippy and Symbolic Visual for Atmospheric “Odila”

Founded in Le Mans, France back in 2016, the multinational indie outfit DAISIESFIELDS — Daisy (vocals, primary lyricist), Florent (guitar, electronic drum) and Anne (cello, looper and effects pedals) — quickly established a sound that meshed electronics with lush, organic arrangements and plaintive vocals.

Spotted by Le Mans-based venue Superforma `back in 2017, the French-based indie outfit played shows and residencies at Superforma and SMAC, as well as playing a set with ChloĆ© Lacan as part of the BeBop Festival. They also played with Tue-Loup‘s Xavier Plumas. Building upon a growing profile, the act was selected to play at last year’s Le Mans Pop Festival — but unfortunately, as a result of the pandemic, the festival was postponed.

Last August, the act refined their set with the assistance of Alexis Hk and de Daran. And after several months of live shows, the French act went into the studio to record their Thierry Chassang produced, full-length debut Pariedolie, which was released earlier this year. Interestingly, the album’s title is derived from pareidolia, the tendency to precise a meaningful image on a random or ambiguous visual pattern. The most common instances include seeing animals, faces or other objects in inanimate objects, like clouds or the surface of the Moon — like the Man in the Moon. It can sometimes extend to hidden messages and voices within recorded music if played backwards or at higher or slower speeds.

Pariedolie‘s latest single “Odila” is a slow-burning and atmospheric song, centered around twinkling keys, thumping beats, shimmering guitars and Daisy’s plaintive and yearning vocals. The end result is a song that sees the French act meshing elements of trip-hop, alt pop and indie rock in a way that brings Portishead, Goldfrapp, and Cubicolor to mind.

The recently released video for “Odila” is a symbolic, fever dream that follows a woman performing tricks on a skateboard throughout a French town, near the sea.