Tag: Video Review: Impossible Tracks

New Video: Ride Amusement Park Rides with The Kills in Their Video for “Impossible Tracks”

Ash and Ice’s third and latest single “Impossible Tracks” consists of layers of scuzzy, bluesy guitar chords paired with stuttering drum programming and boom bap beats and an anthemic hook with Alison Mosshart’s cigarettes and whiskey soaked, come hither vocals in a swaggering, arena rock-friendly song that’s full of recrimination and accusation and urgent, plaintive desire.

The recently released video follows Mosshart and her collaborator and bandmate Jamie Hince as they ride roller coasters and other rides in an empty amusement park, perform the song in a house of mirrors and the video is completed by kaleidoscopic filters that give the video a trippy and psychedelic vibe, while emphasizing the feelings of being carried away and led by forces much larger than yourself and in a ways that you can’t quite comprehend.