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New Video: La Faute Shares Haunting “Blue Girl Nice Day”

Peggy Messing is a Winnipeg-born, Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and visual artist, best known for her solo recording project La Faute. The Winnipeg-born, Toronto-based artist’s work sees her exploring several different themes including surface vs. depth, longing, betrayal, mourning and desire.

Creating her sound with tenor eclectic guitar and obsolete hardware samplers, Messing released her debut EP just before the pandemic put a halt on everything. She chose to pause live performing due to her health, and returned to focusing on creating music, finding workarounds to the problem of isolation. She connected with fellow artists and producers in France, the UK, Canada and the States — and most recently, Los Angeles-based producer, Topher Mohr, who produced her forthcoming La Faute self-titled debut album.

“Blue Girl Nice Day,” the self-titled album’s atmospheric first single features strummed acoustic guitar, twinkling keys, Messing’s gorgeous and expressive vocal paired with swirling synths and military-influenced drumming. Sonically, “Blue Girl Nice Day” is blends classic, guitar-driven folk with shoegazer-like textures.

Messing explains that “Blue Girl Nice Day” was inspired by the Milgram Experiments of the 60s. Subjects were told to give ever-increasing series of electric shocks to a “learner,” who had to repeat word pairs” Blue/Girl, Nice/Day, Slow/Dance, Sweet/Taste, and so on. In the experiment, the “learner” was an actor, who purposely made mistakes. The subject had to decide if they should obey orders and potentially give a lethal electric shock to a person, who was crying out in the next room — or to refuse. Subjects were shaken to find that most people would obey the authority figure and give what they thought were lethal shocks to the learner, even against their own conscience.”The song reflects on how easily we can betray and hurt each other, and how we don’t necessary know ourselves and what we are capable of,” the Canadian artist says.

The accompanying video follows Messing outside in a field near power lines and on a hospital bed with a cold wind blowing around her. It’s hauntingly eerie.

New Video: Donna “La Mulatta” Shares Swaggering “Get Away From Me (Freestyle)”

Donna “La Mulatta” is an emerging, underground Paris-based artist. In a freestyle accompanied by a chilled out and psych jazz-influenced production by Lille, France-based producer Fair’Son, the Parisian artist spitting bars full of mischievous wordplay with a swaggering, self-assuredness reminiscent of Rapsody and Lady of Rage. Simply put, I thought this was fire. And I’m looking forward to hearing more from the Parisian artist.

The accompanying video follows the emerging Parisian through a variety of urban settings.

New Video: JOVM Mainstay Mariaa Siga Shares Uplifting “Le murmure des anges”

Mariaa Siga (born Mariama Siga Goudiaby) is a Senegalese singer/songwriter, musician, and JOVM mainstay, who can trace the bulk of the origins of her music career to winning a local talent show, where she caught the attention of acclaimed Senegalese act Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc’s frontperson mentored the young Goudiaby, helping her refine her style and further develop her musical skills. Shortly after, Gouldiaby landed a role in Mon Réve, a film which aired on RDV

As a singer/songwriter and musician, the Senegalese JOVM mainstay was long accustomed to the traditional rhythms of the Casamance region of Southern Senegal; but her curiosity led to her to discover and experiment with Western styles like reggae, blues and jazz, which she freely incorporates into her own work.

Back in 2016, Goudiaby was was one of the winners of the Festival des Vielles Pirogues‘ Tremplin competition. Building upon that momentum, she released two singles the following year, “Ya sama none” and “Asekaw.”

The Senegalese JOVM mainstay performed in her native Casamance for the first time with a set at 2018’s Kayissen Festival. That same year, Yoro Ndiyae featured Goudiaby on his Sunu Folk compilation. She capped that year off with a French tour that November.

Her full-length debut Askew, which translates to “Woman” in her native Diola, was released back in 2019. That year, she won Baco Records‘ One Riddim Contest, which led to sets at Morocco’s Festival MarcoFoiles, France’s Midem Festival and to an invite to play Quebec’s Festival Mondial des Femmes d’Ici et d’Ailleurs

The JOVM mainstay begins 2023 with “Le murmure des anges.” The song features a shuffling and buoyant reggae riddim from Artikal Band, complete with a slow-burning and soulful guitar solo paired with Siga’s gorgeous and expressive delivery. “Le murmure des angels” is a song that does two things — give thanks to the enteral while reminding listeners that they should listen to the little voice inside of us, which arms us with much-needed confidence; that voice that frequently says “You know, you got this. You know you’re dope.”

Directed by Mao Sidibé, the gorgeously shot, accompanying video captures snippets of everyday Senegalese life, following a small collection of hard-working folks, trying to survive with their dignity intact. When the video’s protagonist, stumbles upon a suitcase of money that falls out of car, he’s tempted to keep the money — who wouldn’t? — but he does the right thing and winds up being rewarded.

Live Footage: WILSN Performs “Every Day and Every Night” at The Meat Market

Shannon Busch is a rising Melbourne-based singer/songwriter, best known as WILSN. Her full-length debut album, Those Days Are Over was released today through Ivy League Records/Universal Music Australia. The album sees the rising Aussie artist crafting a fusion of modern soul, pop, jazz and classic Motown paired with earnest, lived-in lyrics that draw from the songwriter’s own life, her soulful delivery and production that’s simultaneously nostalgic and contemporary.

“Soul music never goes out of fashion because it’s pure,” the rising Aussie artist says
 “It’s all about a great melody, a great beat and harmony that moves you and makes you feel something. In today’s landscape of artists trying so hard to do something different often for the sake of being different, it’s nice to just engage with the human voice in an unadulterated way.”

So far album singles “Tell Me,” was featured on Spotify US’s Best Retro Songs of 2022 while “You Know Better” and “If You Wanna Love Me” received airplay from ABC, double j and triple j, and praise from the likes of NME, Under The Radar, Flood Magazine and a list of others. Album title track “Those Days Are Over” was the #1 most playlisted song by an Aussie artist last month. “Hurts So Bad,” a duet with The Teskey Brothers‘ frontman Josh Teskey was added to over 20 Spotify editorial playlists across the US, Europe and Australia — and the single was featured in KCRW’s 5 Songs to Hear This Week.

Along with the release of the album, the rising Aussie artist announced a headlining 10-date Australia tour, fresh off touring with Allen Stone. And to give fans in her homeland — and hopefully elsewhere — a taste of what to expect of her life show, Busch shares live footage of album single “Every Day and Every Night,” a classic Motown/classic Daptone-inspired single rooted in tight, infectious grooves and Busch’s soulful delivery.

If there’s one thing the footage at The Meat Market proves, it’s this: you’re looking at a superstar in the making.

New Audio: Alexa Dark’s Cinematic and Sultry “Villain”

Rising singer/songwriter, musician and pop artist Alexa Dark is a global citizen, who has spent time in Barcelona, Munich, London, NYC, and Los Angeles. Dark’s work draws from her multicultural, global upbringing and eclectic music taste, including Françoise Hardy, Portishead, Nancy Sinatra, Arctic Monkeys, and others. as well as her love of film noir and French New Wave cinema. While living in London, the rising singer/songwriter and musician began writing her own songs and poetry as a teenager, and eventually playing in and around town — both solo and accompanied with an acoustic guitar and in different bands. Those experiences helped her develop and hone her artistic direction, as well as her sound and presence.

Dark relocated to New York, where she quickly became part of the downtown live music scene and began working on recording new material with Matt Chiaravalle. Since singing with AWAL, the rising pop artist has busily released a batch of noir, alt-pop singles over the past couple of years that sounds as though it could be part of a 60s era Bond movie femme fatale soundtrack.

Adding to a growing profile, she has opened for Ghostly Kisses, NoSo, Julian LaMadrid, and a lengthy list of others, while receiving profiles from Apple Music’s New in Rock and New in Alternative playlists and coverage from Earmilk, She Shreds, Blackbook, and Story+Rain’s “Her Life is Her Art,” alongside Sydney Sweeney, Rainsford, and others.

Dark’s debut EP is slated for a March 3, 2023 release through AWAL. But in the meantime, the Barcelona-born, New York-based artist recently shared the EP’s latest single, “Villain.” Centered around twinkling piano, soaring strings, a simple backbeat paired with Dark’s expressive and sultry delivery, “Villain” sounds as though it were inspired by Poritshead, Tales of Us-era Goldfrapp, and 60s Bond movies. While continuing a remarkable run of brooding and cinematic material, the new single features a narrator, who describes the sensation of watching herself repeatedly self-sabotage. The narrator expresses a desire to be good, to do the right thing but feeling lured in the direction of being bad — and deep down enjoying it,

“‘Villain’ is realising you might be the villain of your own story,” Dark explains. “It’s accepting the shadowy parts of who you are, while hinting towards a darker, painful underlying origin story which makes the villain, the villain.”

She continues “. . . I wanted to explore the multifaceted nature of the ‘villain’ in me, and how my past obstacles, my fears of love and heartbreak, play in shaping this version of myself. I wanted this to be the lead song to my EP, as I think it captures the arc of the story I’m trying to tell throughout the seven songs – the darker side of femininity, how heartbreak and loss might shape us into being something other than ‘the hero’ in our story, and how most often times the battle between the good guy and the bad guy takes place inside of us, facing off ourselves.”

New Audio: Elita Shares Woozy and Creepy “She Bangs Like a Fairy on Acid”

Rising indie outfit ElitaElita (vocals), Tim Rypien (guitar, keys) and John Eddy (guitar, slide guitar) can trace some of their origins back to their frontperson’s childhood:

Elita grew up in a small Newfoundland town of less than 800 people and spent much of his childhood in isolation. With the encouragement of her parents, she developed artistic skills in photography, drawing, dancing, singing and music. As a teenager, she changed schools frequently.

Feeling isolated and adrift from friends, she found comfort in social media. Back in 2015, Elita began to amass a following on Instagram, and started modeling. In 2017, she launched her own business, designing zines and a few years later, launched a successful jewelry line. That same year, she met her boyfriend and then-future bandmate Tim Rypien.

Elita and Rypsen recorded a cover of The Velvet Underground‘s “After Hours.” With a growing interest in film, Elita focused on writing a film script with Tim — with no success. But that collaboration led to their first single, 2018’s “I Hate Everyone but You.” Originally, they had no intention of making the song public, but after recording a test demo, they decided to release it.

So far, the trio have amassed over 30 million streams — with very little industry support. During that same period, they’ve firmly cemented a reputation for crafting hypnotic, frequently dark material centered around Elita’s ethereal and dreamy vocals singing sinister lyrics. Interestingly, the trio’s newest material reportedly builds upon the dark and haunting subjects of their previously released material, while thematically touching upon anxiety, depression and the supernatural.

Late last year, the Canadian trio announced that their highly-anticipated full-length debut, Dysania will be slated for a March 22, 2023 release through Opposition. The album will feature the previously released singles “Mentally Not Here and “Sleep Paralysis.”

Dysania‘s fourth and latest single, “She Bangs Like a Fairy on Acid” is rooted in an eerily twinkling keys, thumping beats paired with Elita’s ethereal vocals singing . The end result is a song that sounds like a woozy, hallucinogenic and downright hellish lullaby.

“I made this song at my parents house on Christmas Day. I was messing around with their digital piano trying to recreate the Unsolved Mysteries theme song,” Elita’s Tim Rypien explains. “I missed the mark but thankfully the beat for SBLAFOA’ was born.” Elita adds, “Timmy and I tried mushrooms for the first time before writing this song. I felt like I was living in a little fairy world and that totally inspired this song. I wrote the lyrics on Christmas too.”