TEEN, a quarter comprising of the Lieberson sisters – lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Teeny, keyboardist Lizzie, drummer Katherine and bassist Jane Herships – will be releasing the Carolina EP on May 28th. Carolina is a follow-up to their debut effort In Limbo, and the EP will reportedly offer listeners a refinement of their sound, as the members of the band decided to play what they could only play in a live setting. And in turn, it meant simpler chord structures and a simpler approach. 

When the band signed to Carpark Records, they were told that they sounded a lot like Rain Parade, and interestingly enough, no one in the band had heard their music before. But when they heard “Prisoners,” each of the members of Teen heard the similarity and because of that, they felt that they should cover Rain Parade’s “Prisoners.” They enlisted the help of the Men’s Ben Greenberg to play guitar, and he has a pretty cool solo. 

Teeny Lieberson’s voice gently floats about and over slowly churning instrumentation. TEEN’s cover manages to possess several qualities simultaneously – it has a haunting, kaleidoscopic beauty and lurking under the surface is an ominous, creepy vibe. 

The band will be on a rather lengthy tour across Europe and North America with stops in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Vienna, Austria; Stuttgart, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; Buffalo, NY; Toronto, ON; Pontiac, MI; Chicago, IL; Minneapolis, MN; Vancouver, BC; Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Austin, TX; Dallas,TX; and a stop on June 28th at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.