The Atlanta, GA-based band, Blair Crimmins and the Hookers have dedicated their musical careers to revive and bring Ragtime and 1920s Dixieland jazz to new audiences – especially those audiences who may have been unfamiliar with the sound that came pouring out of the clubs, bars and streets of one of the world’s great musical cities, New Orleans. However, Crimmins and his backing band, the Hookers don’t focus on some sort of lifeless, era-inspired tribute; their sound, much like the sound they love and are so deeply inspired by is a living, vital thing recorded using modern studio techniques. Perhaps most importantly, if you know about music at all, you’d know that the sound that Blair Crimmins and the Hookers have dedicated themselves to, is the same sound that won the heart and inspired the young Louis Armstrong. 

Interestingly, Crimmins and the Hookers have shared stages with Mumford and Sons (not terribly surprising) and O.A.R. (very surprising). Of course with a Q&A here on this site, earlier this month, there should be a sense that Crimmins profile is getting much bigger nationally. 

“It’s All Over Now,” is the first single from Crimmins’ latest album, Sing-a-Longs, which was released earlier this month.  And in some way, the sound of the track reminds me quite a bit of the legendary Preservation Hall Jazz Band — in other words, if hearing this song doesn’t lighten your heart, then you may well have a cold, cold soul. 

The official video was recently released and it’s simply adorable, and shows Crimmins to be a very gentle, charming soul, as he takes a somewhat clueless Muppet-styled puppet who’s interviewing him off to a bar for some hijinks.