The B-Boy Battle at 5 Pointz

Interestingly, i’m writing this post while in a hotel room in lovely Bad Soden, Germany about a half hour outside of the metropolitan city of Frankfurt – there’ll be more on that later. But a few weeks ago, a concert friend told me about a B-Boy Battle at 5 Pointz. With the developer who owns the 5 Pointz property still publicly wanting to the tear the property down to build another 40 story condo (because New York needs more condos and less space for artists). And with that in mind, I’ve rushed out to 5 Pointz whenever I’ve heard that events were going on so I could

catch it one last time and commit it to photographs. Check out some of the photos below.

Check out the incredible amount of detail on these pieces. I showed a couple of Instragram photos to my coworkers as we were talking about the graffiti in Germany, and they were amazed by the details – to the point that they didn’t believe that they were done with aerosol spray paint.

The emcees of the day were having a hard time reading some of the contesting crew names – it was a running joke during most of the day. 

Spectators dancing during a DJ set. 

Hopefully these photos will give you a sense of how talented some of these crews were – and how they did their thing in front of some gorgeous surroundings.