The Brooklyn-based quartet of Lucius has received quite a bit of love and praise from the blogosphere and from publications such as Rolling Stone (who had named them a “Band to Watch”), and Time for their impeccably tight harmonies, stomping rhythms and overwhelmingly earnest live sets. And the sort of harmonies you’ll hear on “Tempest,” the latest single off the band’s debut Wildewoman are sadly quite rare these days; in fact, they sound much more likely to have been heard in the days of Phil Spector’s glorious “Wall of Sound” days. Of course, there are subtle differences — the swirling electronics beneath the surface that give the song an eerily chilly air. 

As both lead vocalists and co-founders Jess Wolfe and Holly Laesing have publicly said that the video made and directed by Leblanc and Cudmore, deals with duality because it plays so prominently within the band. But much like the song, the video has an eerie, chilly feel.