The Brooklyn-based quartet of Lucius has received quite a bit of love and praise from the blogosphere and from publications such as Rolling Stone (who had named them a “Band to Watch”), and Time for their impeccably harmonies, stomping rhythms and layered sound that bear a resemblance  to Phil Spector’s glorious “Wall of Sound” days and 60s girl pop – but mixed with indie rock and folk, creating a modern twist on a familiar sound. And much like those classic girl pop singles of the 60s, Lucius’s material burns with an intense earnestness that comes from lived in experience. Such earnestness is refreshing in an age of sneering, self-important irony. 

“Don’t Just Sit There” is the quartet’s latest single, and it’s narrator at the heart of the song is having a conversation that may be familiar to many of us – demanding that a lover speak up and tell you the truth about having found someone else. Much like all of their previously released singles, their latest single has a haunting beauty that underpins the direct emotionality of the material. But more important, you can hear them playing a bit with their sound as the song’s bridge with adds an airy bit of psychedelia to the proceedings. (The lyric video by Peter Larson is based around hand-drawn doodles and handwritten lyrics, done in step with the song.)

The band is touring with both the Head and the Heart,Tegan and Sara and Sara Bareilles over the late spring and summer in a venue near you.