The Bucharest-based producer and DJ Victor Gunta writes and performs under the decidedly German-sounding moniker, Elektromekanik. And under that moniker, Gunta has specialized in a sound that employs elements of neo disco, deep house and synth pop. Interestingly, his single “Are You Alright” bears a resemblance to Daft Punk, if they were covering the legendary Giorgio Moroder

Interestingly, Rodney Connell and Bradley Duhon’s latest project, the electro pop outfit, Night Drive has been gaining quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere for a sound inspired by the likes of Joy DivisionCut CopyBrian Enothe Knifethe DrumsLCD SoundsystemDepeche Mode and others. Or in other words, their sound can be described as being slickly produced, densely layered synth pop. 

Although the duo have been busily working on the finishing touches of their much anticipated debut full-length, they’ve also had some time to work on and release a cover of Radiohead’s “Where I End and You Begin,” off Hail to the Thief, in which the duo turned a brooding and anxious song into a slickly produced, hypnotically pulsating dance pop track, in the vein of Giorgio Moroder while retaining the spirit of the original. They followed that up with a remix of  electro pop act Goldroom’s latest single with Mammals ”Till Sunrise,“ and the Night Drive remix retained the original’s slow burning sensuality and the vocalist’s smoky croon; however, the gauzy synths of the original were replaced by thick, pulsating synths paired with throbbing bass. The remix gives the song a denser and warmer feel — and makes it even more danceable, all while retaining the song’s seductiveness. .  . .

 Duhon and Connell recently remixed Elektromekanik’s "Are You Alright” giving the track an even deeper futuristic feel with levels of arpeggio synth stabs. explosive blasts of percussion and an Italian disco feel, reminiscent of the likes of Little Boots and others.