The Chicago-based band Disappears have released three full-length albums since their formation in 2008, and in that time the band’s music explores the themes of relating to others, seeking out meaning and attempting to make sense of surroundings despite the fact that relationships fall apart, patterns grow into habits, and that our world manages to change so quickly that sometimes it’s unrecognizable at almost any given moment. With that in mind, their music has the anxious dread that seems inherent to the modern condition. 

Interestingly, as the band was about to start writing and recording the material that became their latest EP, Kone, long-time member Steve Shelley amicably left the band, making the band a quartet. And yet, the band’s ability to write music that forces their audience to actually listen – and pay attention, still remains. 

The first single off the 30 minute, 3 song Kone EP, “Kone (Radio Edit)” begins with the distant, ringing and rumbling feedback that feels and sounds much like a brewing storm. It builds up in intensity as a tightly syncopated rhythm builds up – until you start to hear some eerie, staggered guitar chords. Vocalist Brian Case sings through reverb as the rest of the backing band sounds as though they’re barely holding on to a brewing, tempestuous fury. And then the song ends with the same feedback with each instrument seemingly fading away. In some way, after listening to the track, I immediately thought of the Church – in particular “Chaos” off of Priest = Aura.