The Denver, CO/Fort Collins, CO-basedEuforquestra (pronounced yoo–four-keh-struh) – by way of Iowa City, IA – have developed a reputation for a sound that bends and blurs genres and expectations, and for a relentless touring schedule. March 25th marks the release of Fire, the band’s first full-length release in some time, and perhaps just as important, the first album in which the band employed an outside producer, Kyle Hollingsworth, known for his work with the String Cheese Incident. 

Almost every album takes on the personality, aesthetics and philosophies both of the band and it’s producer, and as Mike Tallman (vocals, guitar) has mentioned in interviews, Hollingsworth had an integral role in the songwriting and recording process, as he helped the band edit lyrics and songs, record bass, guitar and other parts, and encouraged the band to be more experimental and improvisational. And from the album’s first single and album title track, “Fire,” Hollingsworth’s influence really shows. Starting off with a with wah-wah pedal guitar and bass and explosive horn line, the song is not only funky but contains a free-flowing groove that should get you off your ass and dancing – and it manages to sound absolutely improvised, as though the band walked in the studio and came up with the track off the fly. It’s probably one of the funkiest tracks i’ve come across so far, and one of the most fun tracks, too.