The desert city of Marfa, TX is 62 miles from the Mexican border, and the city has developed a reputation for it’s minimalist art scene, and was interestingly enough, where most of the most disturbing sequences of both No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood were shot. 

The Austin, TX-based singer/songwriter Tess Seipp, who writes, records and performs under the moniker of Molybden was raised in Marfa, TX and in some way, the locale has heavily influenced her work as you’ll hear on the hauntingly sparse and eerily beautiful “Woman Who Left Behind,” which will appear on Seipp’s four song 7 inch Woman Who Left Behind slated for a February 25 release through Berniece Rode Records. 

As you listen to the track, you can tell that it was recorded on analog tape, as it has a warm, dustiness of old analog complete with it’s imperfections and creative techniques to create certain effects – e.g., to create the reverb on the backing vocals were captured by having Seipp sing into the crevices of the back of a piano in the studio during the backing vocal tracks.