The folks at Soundstage, a Chicago-based live concert series which was on air from about 1974-1985, invited the legendary Muddy Waters, who had called Chicago his hometown for most of his adult life to perform on the show. Muddy wanted to make the show more like a jam session with a ton of his friends and a few talented admirers – including Junior Wells, Johnny Winter (who produced several of Muddy’s late period albums), Dr. John (who had travelled some 2,000 miles just to play with one of his idols), Willie Dixon and a virtual all-star cast of blues musicians. 

If you dig the blues – hell, if you dig music, you’ll see that this is some fantastic footage. As a fan of Muddy Waters and of Dr. John, seeing them and Johnny Winter play together was a thrill and a half.  Oh and seeing Willie Dixon and Muddy duet on “Hoochie Coochie Man” is pretty cool, as well.