The founders of Ceviche, a renowned Peruvian restaurant in London’s Soho section, are naturally connoisseurs of Peruvian culture and they created Tiger’s Milk Records to share Peru’s rich (and rarely shared) music both past and present. Tiger Milk’s debut release is a painfully researched compilation compiled by Ceviche’s Martin Morales, Duncan Ballantyne of Soundway RecordsFar Out Recordings and Naive Records, and Andres Tapia of Peru’s Rescyhled Records, which unearths rare chica, salsa, rock, and fusion one-offs, titled Peru Maraviloso

Los Echos’ “Me Siento Feliz” is the second and latests single from the compilation which was released earlier this month. And the track is a breezy bit of funk that sounds as though it owes a debt to Mexican music.  With the cool fall weather, it’s a nice reminder of summer, as well.