The Gainesville, FL-based quartet of Morningbell has been incredibly prolific as they’ve released 5 albums and 9 EPs in the past 9 years. Boa Noite, the band’s sixth effort continues the band’s prolific reputation while revealing that they’re a band that prefers to defy expectations and easy categorizations. Boa Noite draws from a wild melange of influences including African field recordings, Hungarian folk music, the poetry of Jorge Luis Borges, old school hip hop, Charles Mingus and others, and although the band recorded and produced the album in their home studio, they wanted an expansive, larger than life sound. 

“We Have Eyes As Well as Ears” is the first single from the band’s new effort and it sounds a bit like the breakbeats you’d hear on old Beastie Boys albums but if they were done with the expressed purpose of being heard on cinematic surround sound speakers. If you’re not moved by this funky track to pop and lock, then you might be dead.