The Gainesville, FL-based quartet of Morningbell, has developed a reputation for being one of the more prolific, inventive and perhaps eccentric bands in the country. Since their founding in 2001, the band has released 5 full-length albums, including their critically acclaimed 2009 release, Sincerely. Severely, as well as 4 EPs. On each of their efforts, the band pushes itself further creatively, playing with and distorting genre conventions to the point that they’re unrecognizable — and altogether new. And Morningbell has done so with a fiercely independent spirit. 

Boa Noite, the band’s 6th full-length effort, much like the band’s previous efforts was written, recorded, mixed, and produced by the band in their home studio. Sonically, the material draws from a wide array of influences, including African field recordings, classical romantic music, Hungarian folk music, hip hop, funk and others. Instead of the icy minimalism that’s once again become popular in modern music, the material goes in the complete opposite direction — a swooning, joyous, densely layered maximalism that captures both a childlike sense of awe and wonder, but beneath the surface darker, more ominous undertones. it’s a psychedelic trip of an experience.  

“We Have Eyes As Well As Ears” is one of the funkier tracks on the album, as it employs the use of the sort of breakbeats and funk you might have heard in an old Beastie Boys track, if filtered through the Talking Heads. You’ll hear a tribal and percussive funk throughout the song and the imagery for the video, which follows a tribal woman in a lush, swamp.