The Harrow can trace their origins back to 2008 when multi-instrumentalist, blogger and DJ Frank Deserto (formerly the bassist for Revel Hotel, Dream Affair, The Funeral Crashers, and the Mark Burgess 2010 touring version of The Chameleons) sat down with a series of drum machines to create a handful of instrumental demos inspired by his love of underground electronic music and the work of authors like Franz Kafka. As a solo project, Deserto released the band’s first single “Violets” appeared on a limited-edition cassette compilation Function Operate: Volume 2.

The Harrow became a full-fledged band last year when keyboardist Hiatt (known for his remixes of Nine Inch Nails and his work in Automelodi, and Eleven Pond), guitarist Greg Fasolino (known for his work in Bell Hollow and The Naked and the Dead) and vocalist Vanessa Irena (a New Orleans native and Newtown Radio DJ) joined the band. And it culminated in the release of a five track EP released in October, The Fall.

“Axis,” the band’s latest single consists of with murky synths, swirling electronics four on the four drums, and Irena’s ethereal voice and shimmering guitars, and bears a subtle resemblance to Joy Division and Portishead, thanks to it’s dark, seductive moodiness. And yet, if there’s one major difference is that the song is somewhat danceable – all while talking about obsession, lust and desire.