The Heartless Bastards Erika Wennerstrom and Jesse Ebaugh have a side project with the Black Angels’ Alex Maas called Sweet Tea. And in celebration of Light in the Attic’s 10th anniversary, Sweet Tea recorded a straightforward yet interesting cover of Wendy Rene’s classic “After Laughter (Comes Tears).” Certainly, for my hip hop heads, it’ll sound familiar – the Wu Tang Clan sampled it on Enter the 36 Chambers’s “Tearz." 

The Light in the Attic series is a pretty interesting concept – the label invites a contemporary band to do a cover of material that the label has re-issued on special colored vinyl, and for digital download. The original is on the vinyl’s A side and the cover on the B side. Sweet Tea’s cover is the second of the series, and you should expect it to be available in stores and through your digital sources on October 30th.