The interwebs-based service NoiseTrade helps artists build fanbases by giving away free music in exchange for your zip code, email address and a voluntary donation set by the artist in question. Artists of all stripes have used it to build up buzz for their work, for their tours, show love to fans, and so on, including the likes of Hanson, the Lumineers, fun., and a long list of others. And labels like Anti Records, ATO Records, Nettwerk Records and others have used the service to distribute sampler compilations to fans and friends. (Admittedly, from my experience of NoiseTrade, the service seems particularly big with indie-level singer/songwriters – many of whom may have had a difficult time getting distribution or attention for their work.)

The folks at NoiseTrade have invited artists to record a live performance EP within the East Side Manor. They invited singer/songwriter Caitlin Rose to stop by. And for this relaxed and completely unassuming session, Rose re-imagines songs from her latest album, The Stand In in the veins of classic Nashville-era country with a hand-picked band specifically chosen for this session. Completed with her gorgeous, smoky voice, which manages to convey sadness and ironic humor at a turn of a phrase, the overall sound of the sessions should remind you of Tammy Wynette and Patsy Cline.  "Pink Champagne" is re-done to sound like the last song heard at closing time in a lonely, shithole honky tonk. “Everywhere I Go” has Rose accompanied with a pianist/vocalist, and with a stripped down arrangement, you notice the song’s elegant simplicity and lyrics that describe undying love. “No More Lonely,” is a particular highlight of the session as it’s a playfully, jaunty song that seems to have been inspired by Hank Williams, Sr.