The Leftover Cuties, a Los Angeles, CA-based quartet, will be releasing their sophomore effort The Spark and the Fire on July 23rd. Thanks in part to Shirli McAllen’s gorgeously silky voice, backed by a sound that employs the use of upright bass, accordion, brass, brushed drums and ukelele, the quartet has gained national attention for “Game Called Life” which made an appearance on an episode of Showtime‘s The Big C, and international attention as some of their music has been used in a ad campaigns for Samsung and Hyundai

Although they’ve quickly developed a reputation for a more jazz-influenced sound, the latest single from their forthcoming sophomore effort, “What’s the Matter” has more of a twangy, country ballad sound – with equally bittersweet melody and bittersweet vocals directed at a absence lover. It’s a gorgeously lush but somehow forlorn track that I haven’t been able to get out of my head after the first time I heard it.