The Los Angeles-based band, the Lonely WIld’s 2011 release, Dead End landed at number 19 on this site’s Best of 2011 list. And for those fans, critics and others who had fallen in love with their sound with the Dead End, their full-length debut The Sun As It Comes, which sees an official release next week, is much anticipated. 

So check out an advanced stream of the Lonely Wild’s debut effort. The material on the album is earnest, rousingly anthemic and mixes indie rock with the sweeping, cinematic feel of a Morricone, some gorgeous harmonies, and some lyrics that at times encapsulate the current political feeling – such as on “Banks and Ballrooms.” A track like “Closer Than The Needle” is just gorgeous. “Who’s Calling” is a haunting, little lullaby. “Come Back Down,” should remind you of the dusty trails portrayed in old Westerns but for those desperately in love. 

The band is touring to support their new effort, and i’ve heard that their live shows are an incredible, rousing experience. The tour will include stops in San Francisco, CA; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Little Rock, AR; Nashville, TN; Chicago, IL; Madison, WI; and a stop at the Mercury Lounge on May 16, among others.