The Los Angeles, CA-based duo of Holiday J (bass) and Nicole Turley (drums) formed Amoureux after bonding over their pasts as dancers; and in some way, their pasts as dancers would suggest that they have an intimate understanding rhythm and movement. 

Writing all of their material of their debut EP, Never Young As Tonight on the instruments they know and are close to their hearts, the members of Amoureux decided on what may be an unconventional approach in the age of fussy overproduction – they recorded the material on the EP in one take, excluding some vocals, with the idea that they were actively attempting to impart what naturally came to them; in other words, they wanted to capture both the beauty and the cracks rippling just beneath the surface.  And in some way, that approach gives the material a rough hewn, improvisational jazz like feel, as though the sketches and ideas were fleshed out on the fly and at that very moment.

‘Never Young As Tonight,“ the EP title track and opening track is comprised of propulsive and angular bass, odd syncopations, strings and Holiday J and Turley’s cooed vocals; and although the song manages to bear a passing resemblance to Gang of Four, it possesses a smoldering sensuality. "Lost the Plot,” is a slow burning and moodily atmospheric track that is reminiscent of Joy Division – in particular, I think of “She’s Lost Control Again” and of “Heart and Soul.” “i’m Not Coming Home” manages to mesh elements of the angular funk of Gang of Four with Eastern European folk music and African-inspired jazz in a way that sounds both alien and familiar.  EP closing track “Your 20s Are For Wasting” continues what the preceding song does but is much more of an acid jazz freak out. 

Although some have compared the band’s sound to the likes of the Talking Heads, I find that comparison to be a bit off – lyrically and sonically, Amoureux’s material doesn’t strike me as being on the verge of a nervous breakdown; in fact, the Los Angeles, CA-based duo’s sound strikes me as possessing a swooning hedonism.