The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), commissioned filmmaker Aaron Rose to create a video fusing an original track from DJ duo N.A.S.A. (consisting of DJ Ze Gonzales a.k.a. DJ Zegon, and producer Sam Spiegel a.k.a. Squeak E. Clean) featuring Kool Kojak and the legendary Fab 5 Freddy. The song is the first music from N.A.S.A in over three years – an effort that included Kanye West, Karen O., David Byrne, the RZA, Chuck D. and others. Sonically, they remind me of the All Good Funk Alliance

But the video here may be the standout star because it’s more than just a homage to the unusual graffiti collaboration between Jean-Michel Basquiat (who coincidentally knew Fab Five Freddy and Keith Haring) and Al Diaz, known as SAMO, it attempts to recreate the world that Basquiat and Diaz inhabited – and it’s pretty genius.