The Louisville, KY-based duo of Wax Fang have developed a reputation for their eccentric fusion of different genres, unusual arrangements, and songs that are often triumphant yet sardonic anthems. However, their latest single “Hearts Are Made For Beating” is a tautened song with an inner sense of slow, anxious tension that slowly sees release as the song explodes at the bridge and coda. Vocalist Scott Carney’s bluesy baritone is backed by angular guitar, theremin, and peals of wild noise which should remind you how the heart feels once it’s in love. In some way, the song also reminds me a little bit of Nick Cave’s work with the Bad Seeds in the sense that it has it’s own dark, seductive charm. 

The single was saw its official release this week, just in time for the release of the official video. But expect to see a new full-length from the duo, The Astronaut sometime in 2014.