The Madrid-based trio the Parrots quickly became something of an underground sensation in their hometown, thanks to the release of a demo, which was quietly released without much promotion and with little fanfare; in fact, the official video for “I Did Something Wrong” off their EP, Aden Arabie managed to receive over 15,000 hits on YouTube, winning over the attention of bloggers across Europe and across the rest of the world. And interestingly, my colleagues have compared the Parrots’ sound to the likes of Thee Oh Seesthe Black Lips and others. However, I don’t hear that as much as I hear old school, garage rock – but with a loose, boozy breeziness that a times feels (and sounds) primal and childlike in a way that reminds me of White Mystery, a little bit. 

Their latest single “Loving You Is Hard” has started to make waves Stateside, as the song swings and saunters as though it were recorded in 1962 but with the members of the band howling and shouting along with a manic, child-like glee that’s pretty infectious.