The members of Alba Lua, Clem Alptraum, Armand Dipascual, Thomas Artiguenave, and Joan Baptista hail from Paris and Bordeaux – two of arguably the world’s loveliest places. As Alba Lua (the term actually translates into “the moon of the dawn”) the band’s latest single “When I’m Roaming Free” feels like the perfect song to start a road trip – there’s an apparent excitement in the freedom of a life on the road; and yet there’s a bittersweet tone underneath it all, thanks to Baptista’s vocals and the gentle bit of twanginess in the guitars. In some way, it suggests that there are some things that make a wanderer’s life not all that it’s cracked up to be – mainly, the fact that leaving home could be tough. Still, it’s a gorgeous song that can have a number of various interpretations.