The Nashville, TN-based electro pop artist CAPPA is part of a lengthy list of up-and-coming, contemporary women artists, including the likes of Marissa Paternoster and her Screaming Females, Chelsea Lankes, Phoebe Ryan and others, who have captured the attention of the blogosphere. The Nashville-based artist’s first single “Hush” was comprised of tribal drumming, swirling electronics and gently undulating synths paired with CAPPA’s seductively cooed vocals, and gave the song a slickly produced, sensual and incredibly radio friendly sound – while subtly nodding to the type of music you’d expect to hear around 2 and 3am at the club. But underneath the surface, “Hush” reveals CAPPA as part of a trend of artists who are actively attempting to change how electronic-based pop sounds and looks, as her work, much like several contemporaries, manages to be both cinematic and intimate – at it’s heart is an introspective nature.  

“In The Morning” CAPPA’s latest single is comprised of swirling and ominously atmospheric electronics, gently cascading synths and sparse beats paired with CAPPA’s seductively cooed vocals. In some way, the track possesses a chilly minimalism that reminds me quite a bit of Beacon’s incredible For Now EP and Ways We Separate; in other words a contemporary R&B that expresses and evokes both a late night sense of regret and hopeful possibility, simultaneously.