The New York-based band Drowners formed in an almost prototypical fashion for New York – vocalist and guitarist Matt Hilt, guitarist Jack Ridley and bassist Erik Snyder all met in various bars. Drummer Lakis Pavlou joined the band a bit later to complete the lineup. Within a few months of Hilt sending both Synder and Ridley demos, the band was playing shows across the L.E.S. 

The band released the Between Us Girls 7 inch in the UK and by April  they signed to Frenchkiss Records. The band is working on a full-length debut which is slated for a Fall release. “You’ve Got It All Wrong” is the band’s latest single and it owes quite a debt to British New Wave – the song reminds me quite a bit of the Smiths, Echo and the Bunnymen and others. 

They released a 7" in February in the UK called Between Us Girls.

In April, they signed to NY label Frenchkiss. “We liked that Frenchkiss seemed to understand the semantics of being in a band.” Their are currently finishing up writing their debut album to be released this fall. Both the label and the band are thrilled for this amazing new partnership. Frenchkiss Records head, Syd Butler exclaims, “We believe this band is ready to take over the world… ”