The Night IV is an sextet with members who hail from various places across the world including London, Birmingham, Northampton and Bogota, Colombia. And with their soon-to-be released EP, Still Thinking of You, the sextet may well take over the blogosphere; in fact, their latest single off the EP, “Heroine” is a breezy and jangling bit of synth pop paired with some gorgeous and earnest vocals; in fact, in some way, the song bears a resemblance to the likes of Haerts and Washed Out’s excellent Paracosm in the sense that the song manages to possess a warm and bleeding heart at it’s center.

Recently, the Virginia/DC-area based Backstroke remixed the song. First you’ll notice that the song employs the use of layers of cascading synth fed through reverb, huge, room-rocking beats, skittering percussion while retaining the original’s gorgeous and earnest vocals. The Backstroke remix turns the song into a house music track, along the lines of Octo Octa’s Between Two Selves as the track manages to be sinuous but with a bracing chilliness, much when you’re taking a shower and suddenly the water goes unexpectedly cold.