The now-Wisconsin-based duo of Blessed Feathers may have one of the more interesting biographies I’ve recently come across – in fact, their story is a perfect description of the power of both love and of music. In 2008, shortly after his 17th birthday, the Floridian Donivan Berube decided to leave the church of Jehovah’s Witnesses (and in turn, his family and the only life he had ever known), pack up all of his worldly belongings into a small car and drove 36 hours north to Wisconsin. 

By the spring of 2009, Berube meets his soon-to-be-future collaborator and wife, Jacquelyn Beaupre at a restaurant, and after a conversation Beaupre asks Berube to help her with some songs she had just written. Within a year, they’re playing at small venues across Wisconsin with acts like Youth Lagoon and Phosphorescent. (Their story continues with Berube proposing to Beaupre during a show, and people were so touched by it that they recorded the event, and it was posted on YouTube before they finished their set. Of course, she said yes. But it is endearing.) 

November 5th will mark the release of the band’s sophomore effort, Order of the Arrow; but interestingly enough, the album which was recorded in a two week period also marks the first album they’ve recorded in a proper studio and when you hear “Real Song for Emily,” one of the first singles off the album., the studio sessions add a lushness to the material. But beyond that the song is simply a gorgeous song with some very pretty harmonies.